Silk is best-known for their hit songs , Freak Me, andContent Days; from their debut record , Shed Control Still another hit from Shed Control ,Lady U For Me;, assisted the album achieve double platinum position. They afterwards had achievement with singles including I Can Go Deep,Addicted To You;,Do maybe not Hurry;,If You; (introduced February 2 3, 1999)Meeting Within My Bedroom;, andWe are Contacting You.;

Silk was uncovered by the musician Keith Sweat and Andrea Ryans. The team was initially a quintet composed of Tim Cameron,Jimmy Gates, GaryLarge G; Glenn, JohnathenJohn-John; Rasboro, & Tyga Graham who had been replaced by GaryLil G; Jenkins before they recorded their debut record. In 2002, Elektra Records shed Silk and Keith Sweat in the label That same year, Jenkins left the team to pursue other passions and created his stage debut in 2002 as ‘AJ’ in the Tyler Perry play Madea’s Family Re-Union He re-surfaced musically in 2007 with his solo debut, Another Side As well as being found by Keith Sweat, Silk and Sweat equally appeared in the team, Black Males United around the monitor,U Will Know; for the film, Jason’s Lyric the picture’s soundtrack.

In 2003, down to your quartet, Silk launched their fifth record Silktime , independently label Silk Wedding Ring. The record featured the tunesSilktime;,My Lady;,Alibi;,More;,You (The Child Tune);,Verify My Tale; and a protect version of Blue Magic ‘s Side-Show. That tune reunited them using their mentor Keith Sweat. Yet, without Jenkins as lead singer, the record got lousy sales despite its look in the Billboard 200.

In 2006, the team returned with their sixth launch, a protect record entitled Always And Forever on Shanachie Records. The record featured covers of Ep&B tunes including Adore by Prince , Always and Eternally by Heat wave , andSecret Backyard; by Quincy JonesSecret Backyard; was the first and only solitary. Like Silktime, Eternally and Always was perhaps not a revenue success.

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