Seether Amy Lee

Seether is a South-African post-grunge/alternative metal group founded in 1999 in Pretoria. The group was initially formed beneath the titleSaron Fuel; till renaming it toSeether; in 2002. They’re presently working for windup Records and Musketeer Records. Disclaimer is their major-label debut and first record. They obtained mainstream recognition in 2004 with the solitaryBroken; which peaked at No. 20 on the Billboard Hot 100, and have ongoing reasonable success with no 1 hits in the New Mainstream Rock Tracks chart for exampleTreatment;,Phony It;, andNation Tune;.

Seether supported Nickelback on their Dark Horse tour in March and April, 2009. Shaun and Dale verified within an interview on 2 March 2009 that, subsequent to the Nickelback tour, Seether would consider the relaxation of yr off to compose and record the followup to Discovering Beauty in Negative Spaces. The group still gave performances throughout the rest of the yr, including a date in Okinawa to perform for American military personnel within an USO tour on 2-3 and 2-4 May at Camp Schwab, then in MCAS Iwakuni on 26 May possibly for the US Marines. Seether additionally made appearances in several festivals throughout summer time, including sets at the Chippewa Valley Audio Festival as well as the Quebec Town Festival, ahead of the tour’s finish in The Large E Festival, West Springfield, Massachusetts, on 4 Oct.

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