Secondhand Serenade

Secondhand Serenade is an acoustic guitar rock band, headed by singer, piano player and guitarist John Vesely. Vesely has introduced three studio albums to day beneath the title Secondhand Serenade: Awake in 2007, A Twist in My Tale in 2008 and Hear Me Now this year. The introduction record used multi-track recording to make the sound of a group using technologies, while the 2nd record took another path, utilizing an effective group and synthesizers to establish a more realized sound.

In September 1 1, 2012, Vesely introduced the acoustic guitar remake of his older record A Twist in My Tale referred to as A Nude Twist in My Tale. Next release Vesely dates back to the studio to document his new album with producer/engineer Brandon Metcalf in Nashville, Tenn.[18]

On February 26 of 2013, a fresh single titledShake It Off; was introduced to start out marketing the newest album. Vesely described the notion ofShake It Off; in a 2013 interview with Musichel,Shake It Off is a tune about setting regular issues behind you and remaining favorable. I actually believed it was time for me personally to compose a feel good tune and that I couldnt be happier with how it turned out.;[1 9]

On May 20, 2013, he wind up the record and was an unique guest star on Veronica Ballestrini on-line LIVE display via stageit, and they sangLA-LA Love; for 6 1 watchers.

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