Plain White T’s is an American pop-punk band from Chicago, Illinois Shaped in 1997 by high-school pals Tom Higgenson, Ken Fletcher, Dave Tirio and Steve Mast. The team had a largely underground following in Chicago cellars, nightclubs , and taverns in its early twelvemonths.

The band is best-known for the number one hit tune Hi Delilah , which reached platinum position in 2007 and gained two Grammy nominations, as nicely as 1, 2, 3, 4 and Rhythm of Love , which were qualified platinum last year and 2011, respectively.

The Plain White T’s shaped in Lombard, Illinois in the autumn of 1997. The team started as a trio, with Higgenson as vocalist and guitarist, Fletcher on bass and Tirio on drums. They performed mainly local punk shows around Chicago’s suburban areas, ultimately landing gigs in the famous Metro in Chicago’s Wrigleyville community. As the group started to create itself in the area landscape, they recruited a fourth member, Steve Mast, who joined enjoying lead guitar and singing backup vocals.

Higgenson endured a car accident in 1999, breaking several vertebrae in the misfortune, while driving the group’s van. He was in a straight back brace for 3 months and needed to figure out how to wander again. Higgenson shifted his songwriting procedure, selecting tunes that were more significant to him, and also the group started taking their music profession more seriously. Come-On Over , Quit , as well as Mast’s and Fletcher’s departure (200003)

In 2000, the group recorded their very first record titled Come-On Over In 2002, the group self-funded the record of Quit , a full length record that brought the interest of Fearless Records. While the group toured in assistance for the record, equally Mast and Fletcher left the group and were changed by Tim Lopez and Mike Retondo. Tirio determined to change from drummer to rhythm guitarist, soon after, and also the newest drummer named DaMar Hamiltion was added to the line up. All That We Required and Every 2Nd Counts.

The 2005 launch All That We Required was the very first studio effort in the reformed lineup. Hi Delilah was first introduced on their third record All That We Required in 2005. On which Hello Delilah was added as a way to permit it a possibility on conventional radio, Every Second Counts were recorded by them that yr. Delilah would continue to achieve #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 graph and hold the place for 2 weeks. The tune was composed for monitor star Delilah DiCrescenzo , whom Higgenson had fulfilled in 2002. The tune earned two Grammy nominations, and Every Second Counts was licensed Gold.

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