KEM Owens grew up in Detroit, Mi

After finishing highschool, KEM coped with homelessness , dependence , and isolation from his household.

He did maybe not defeat these problems until he considered spirituality and audio, as he’s said,My job didn’t take off till I joined with my spirituality. That’s the reason I consider time on-stage as well as in the record to manage spirituality to folks. That’s among the things that I am most happy of.; Kem can be very well-received by elderly listeners of Ep&B/Soul for his elegant sound rather than including components of hip hop music. He got two girls, Troi and Laylah.

He composed, created, and funded his self-released debut record, Kemistry , with his Amex and singing top-40 cover melodies in a wedding band and waiting tables.

He was signed by Motown Records in November 2001, who re-launched the record on February 2 5, 2003, and offered more than 500,000 copies nationally. The record’s first single,Adore Calls;, became popular at city adult contemporary and sleek jazz radio, and USA Nowadays pegged it in the beginning as aMotown classic.; His introduction went gold-plus.

He adopted his debut launch using another record, Album II , introduced May 1 7, 2005 and offered more than 500,000 copies nationally. It contained the hit songI Can’t Quit Loving You;, a #1 at city adult contemporary radio, as well as the tuneYou May Win; featuring Stevie Wonder.

In 2013, he was showcased in the 2nd singlesMy Favourite Thing;, Kem composed and produced this tune.

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