Keith Reid

Keith Reid is a song writer who composed the words of every Procol Harum tune that isn’t instrumental or a protect. For several years he resided in the United States.

Even though he didn’t sing or perform an instrument , lyricist Reid was a critical component to the long term success of Procol Harum, teaming with singer / composer Gary Brooker to compose the majority of the group’s content. (Some songs was composed by organist Matthew Fisher and by guitarist Robin Trower.) Reid left college in age 15 and shortly started composing words, inspired principally by Bob Dylan Through Island Records leader Chris Blackwell , Reid was released to Ep&B impresario Guy Stevens , who in turn introduced him to unfledged composer Brooker in 1966. The two started collaborating, and upon compiling several tunes set about assembling a group to record their content; with the Procol Harum lineup in location, they first recorded A Whiter Shade of Pale, which established Reid’s phantasmagoric lyrics into a Brooker tune inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach The solitary topped the UK Singles Graph for six months in mid 1967, heading to sell over six-million copies globally. For his endeavours, Reid was credited as the official member of the team, and he composed all of Procol Harum’s words through to the band’s 1977 passing.

He is also understood for the words to the debut record of the French vocalist Michel Polnareff in 1966.

Reid subsequently set up his own administration company, Total House, operating on a perform and re-locating to Manhattan in 1986; 3 years afterwards, Brooker contacted him to discuss re-uniting Procol Harum along with the team’s come-back record, The Prodigal Stranger , was issued in 1991.

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