Charles A. Zimmerman

Charles A. Zimmermann (1861 — 16 January 1916) was an American author of marches and well-known music. A graduate of the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore , he was named bandmaster at the United States Naval Academy in 1887 in age 26. He served as the Academy’s bandmaster until his departure from a brain hemorrhage in 1916. He’s entombed in the Naval Academy cemetery.

Zimmerman composed his most well-known march, Anchors Aweigh, in 1906 when he was a Lieutenant in the Usa Navy. The words were composed by Alfred Hart Miles , a midshipman The march was meant in the start to function as a rousing melody for football matches. The recognizable tune is really the trio (third movements) of the bigger work. Zimmerman additionally composed numerous tunes for the 1902 stage play The Wizard of Oz.

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