Az Yet

Az Yet is an American Ep&B-Group from Philadelphia , best-known because of their tunesLast Evening; and the protect Tough to Say I’m Sorry initially performed by Chicago Development.

Shaped in 1989 initially as a duet with Shawn Rivera and Dion Allen, the 2 were afterwards joined by Kenny Terry, whom they fulfilled singing in the foyer of the Wyndham Resort in Philadelphia. Two other members, Dyshon Benson & Claude Thomas, left the team, and Darryl Anthony arrived on board. A demonstration by the team found its way to the control of KennethBabyface; Edmonds through his mother in law, Jacqueline McQuam, who would one-day hold numerous showcases to emphasize their work. Impressed by their sound, Edmonds requested them to perform in a concert with After 7 and El DeBarge Later, the team added Boyz II Men founding member Marc Nelson Az Yet first strike it huge using a tune from The Nutty Professor soundtrack,Last Night.;

Arizona Yet launched their self titled debut record in 1996 on LaFace Records The record featured awho’s who; of musical heavy-weights, including David Foster , Babyface , Sheila E. , and Brian McKnight.

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