Andre Popp

Andre Popp is a French composer , arranger and screenwriter.

Produced in Fontenay le Comte , Vende , he began his job as a church organist , filling the position of his dad who was called as much as serve in The Second World War in 1939. Popp researched music in the Saint-Joseph Institute In the 60’s, he co-composed (with Pierre Cour ) two tunes for the Eurovision Song Contest — Tom Pillibi , which won your competition for France in 1960 , and L’amour est bleu ( Love is Blue ) which arrived fourth for Luxembourg in 1967 , but which afterwards became a 1St hit in the Usa for Paul Mauriat Throughout this time he was the arranger for several top French vocalists like Juliette Greco He labored for several years for French radio.

Popp is the author of Piccolo, Saxophone and Co , a musical story for kids meant as helpful tips to the instruments of the orchestra as well as the basics of harmony.

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